My passion for jewellery started in a summer night in 2012 when a ring all made of hexagons appeared to me in a dream.
That's when I approached 3d modeling and not long after I designed my first work I decided to 3d-print it so I could actually wear it.
My online shop has been open on Shapeways since October 2014. That's where I showcase and sell my creations.
I've already received orders from many parts of the world like USA, Germany, France, Canada, Brazil, Poland, China, Australia...
My style keeps evolving, jewel by jewel, trying to combine beauty and perfection.
The idea of being able to create something new, unique, that nobody has ever seen or not even imagined fascinates me so much.
I consider myself very fortunate to live in a century in which all this is possible thanks to technology, computers and 3D-printers.